Taylor Brothers Fire & Safety Team

The Taylor Brothers Fire & Safety team is made up of hard working employees that are constantly striving to be the best. Being a family owned business, Taylor Brothers’ goal is to make each and every employee feel they are valuable and crucial to the company’s success. The support and faith in the great personnel that make up Taylor Brothers has built and maintained an atmosphere of superior service, customer service, and personal integrity. This type of atmosphere is what Taylor Brothers believes to be essential to prolonged success.
Taylor Brothers has developed a dynamic personality over the years. This mood has driven Taylor Brothers into constantly improving our organization skills, service methods, and equipment in order to maintain our spot at the top of the fire and safety industry.


How a family owned business can grow into a national solution for a growing customer base.

1964 – The Start

In 1964 Jay Taylor started a small commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning business in Boise Idaho. Over the years the Taylor family business grew to cover multiple states.

1987 – Geographical Expansion

In 1987 Jay’s son, Mike Taylor moved from Boise Idaho to Phoenix Arizona in an effort to demonstrate that this small family business could expand outside its comfortable and secure customer base in Boise Idaho. While Mike had great success and growth, family would ultimately bring Mike and his wife back to Idaho in 1992. With Mike’s move back to Idaho to raise his family and continue his work with the family business, a transition began. Throughout the next decade Mike began running the business as his parents transitioned out.

2004 – Transition

In 2004 Mike and his brother Jeff took over family business and continued providing service to its 40 years old customer base. Now with the reigns firmly in the hands of the next generation, Mike and Jeff began seeking ways to expand their business beyond Boise Idaho.

Using what Mike Taylor had learned from the Phoenix expansion,  the company open offices in Salt Lake City Utah, Tulsa Oklahoma and Dallas Texas.  Trained and passionate employees would run each office; skilled in the process and quality Mike Taylor had developed over the years.  With the addition of James Bedal,  the company began expanding its software, truck designs, propriety tools and applications to ensure jobs could be performed the same in every market and management had the review tools needed to ensure customer satisfaction.

2009 – General Fire Acquisition

In 2009 Taylor Brothers acquired General Fire and Safety. General Fire and Safety was a 50 year old company that focused on pre-engineered fire suppression systems, fire extinguisher service and fire alarm systems.

2017 – Taylor Brothers Fire And Safety division acquired by Iridium Protection.

In February of 2017 the Taylor family sold it’s fire and safety division to Iridium Protection. Iridium Protection is a tier one integrator of physical security solutions. The merger of Taylor Brothers Fire and Safety and Iridium Protection brings together two great organizations that can now provide complete life safety services to it’s growing client base.

Mission Statement



Taylor Brothers Fire & Safety seeks to continually advance our own practices as well as the life safety industry as a whole.


Taylor Brothers’ mission is to bring fire safety to a higher standard by never accepting that the work done today is the best that we can achieve.