Mike Taylor, Founder/President

Mike Taylor is founder and President of BARE METAL STANDARD® Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services. In this role, he actively advocates for BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning services and the beliefs that come with it – including raising awareness about the life and property protection service of kitchen exhaust cleaning, and helping to raise the integrity and quality of the industry as a whole.

Mike Taylor has been perfecting the process of cleaning kitchen exhaust systems before he was old enough to drive. Having never filled out a job application in his life, and has dedicated his entire career to building the family business. He was motivated not only by the desire to be the best in the industry, but to build a business that would provide for many families, including his own.

“If you want to understand BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning services, spend a few minutes with Mike Taylor. Everything he does demonstrates not only pride, efficiency, and perfectionism in the actual work, but the fact that it doesn’t matter how hard you are working or how long your shift is, you are still able to have fun.”




James Bedal, Chief Executive Officer

James Bedal is Chief Executive Officer of BARE METAL STANDARD® Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services. His responsibilities include strategic development of franchise penetration, funding, and risk and growth strategy.

James relies on his extensive business experience and judgment to plan and accomplish goals to benefit BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning services and its franchisees. James has led the growth of BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning services as he and his partners enter a new business arena, after establishing our proprietary process though the family business, Taylor Brothers Inc.. “I love the process of learning. We know how to technically clean hoods, service our customers and run our business. We have begun the process of learning how to franchise. It is exciting to be over 50 and entering a new business arena.”

James is a Vice President on the NAFED Board of Directors. Outside of the business, James can be found spending time with his wife and kids. He’s also an avid Rotarian, golfer, fisherman, hunter, and learner.