Video — Just How Clean Your System Can Be

We’ve produced this video to show you how our unique BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning process has been delivering dramatic results for our customers for over 50 years and how we can do the same for you!


Before and After Photos

Above are several examples of kitchen exhaust systems we have cleaned with our BARE METAL STANDARD® cleaning process. In most of these examples, our competitors were "cleaning" these systems under contract. We waited until our competitors had performed their cleaning, then inspected and photographed their results (the "before" pictures).

They may have cleaned parts of the system, but their standard of clean is certainly far from the standard of clean you can expect from BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning services and our specially trained technicians.

It's the standard that we take pride in and the standard that we feel is necessary to protect your establishment from potential damage that can result from costly grease fires.

Let us come in and inspect your system. We'll show you any potential hazards that might exist and give you a price quote. You can see for yourself how BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning services can benefit your company.