We’ve spent years developing our cleaning system to take away your worries. We promise to return your system to bare metal using our proprietary BARE METAL STANDARD® process. Cleaning your system to the point where no flammable grease residue exists – that’s what we call BARE METAL STANDARD® clean and that’s our way of doing business. It’s our promise every day, on every project. We’d like to use over 50 years experience and our proprietary process to clean your kitchen grease exhaust system BARE METAL STANDARD® clean.

We Promise You Service Beyond Compare

BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning service distinguishes itself from competitors by how we do business. We offer a truly professional service at a competitive price. We promise to always provide prompt, courteous, and professional service. BARE METAL STANDARD® kitchen exhaust cleaning service offers a different standard of clean. It’s not only reflected in how we clean, but in the professionalism that can be expected from our technicians, and the scheduling of facilities that takes away the customer’s worries and ensures peace of mind.

We Promise to Leave Your Kitchen as Clean or Cleaner Than When We Came

We promise to always leave your kitchen as clean – or cleaner – than when we came.

We Promise You Will be Happy With Our Service

We offer over 50 years of cleaning kitchen grease exhaust systems with our BARE METAL STANDARD® cleaning service. In that time, most of our customers have been with us for years. That’s due, in part, to our ongoing commitment to always provide truly professional and courteous service at a competitive price.